Friday, July 27, 2007

Facing Fears

No matter how old or young you are, everyone has a fear of something. Some are more simple and can be avoided (ex. heights) and some are more complex and need guidance in order to overcome. Today I want to take time to celebrate those who have overcome their fears!

Nana was able to overcome her fear of feeding large, live animals. She loves giraffes so this was a particularly great feat!! Way to go Nana!

I had to show the first time Nana tried to feed the giraffe.

Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Maddy, on the other hand, had no problem feeding anything that would take food from her.

Next, Ty is quite the daredevil. There has been 1 rollercoaster that Ty has not been on at the dells, "HAYDES". This rollercoaster drops you underground twirling and spinning and then back up. I personally went on this ride last year and was scared to death.

Now if anyone knows Ty, nothing much stands in his way when he puts his mind to something. Not Papa telling him that it is pretty scarey.

Not Nana telling him if he was her child she would not allow him to go on it.

Not Mimi stating, "it's pretty high, should we wait until next year".

Nope. Not Ty.

So I figured let him go, show him that people are telling him things not to be mean or so he can't have fun, but to make it so he is not scared.

Here is the pic after the rollercoaster.

Chris was the lucky one designated to take Ty on the ride (this was after consuming a 3 pound burrito, yes, 3 pounds!!) More on that later!

He made it...he did it. In his own words, "I have now been on all the rollercoasters here".

When asked, "was it scarey". He replied, "oohh yeah". When asked, "do you want to go on it again?" He replied, "no way!!"

Sometimes it is enough to accomplish it once! Then you can check it off your list!!

Megan, is next. She has never been one to like large animals either. This year she made it through the deer park and even was smiling when we left.

Way to go Meg!! The deer can be quite aggressive since they are always hand fed. Here are a couple other pics from the deer park.

Chris decided it was not enough to hand feed the deer. He took it a step further and put the food in his mouth and the deer ate it that way!

Papa fed the deer, even though he would have preferred the rack of antlers on this deer mounted on his wall!

Lastly, most fear looking stupid, especially in public places. The boys should really look into getting this fear:)

All in all, the vacation was very fun. I will post more pics on here later!

By the way, for those keeping up with Lisa and I running, we did manage to run while on vacation. I, up until this point, thought that people who did that were stupid. Now I guess I am stupid too!!!

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