Friday, August 17, 2007


The summer is winding down, kids are starting to get bored and look for trouble it seems. Parents looking forward to the start of a new school year.

With this brings school shopping. New clothes. New styles. It also means trying on old clothes to see if they are too small or will fit for a while.

There is a big difference in Ty and Maddy when it comes to things like this. Here is a piece of the conversation I had with Ty, and then with Maddy.

Mom, "Ty, we need to try on your clothes tonight to see if they fit and to see what you need to get for school".
Ty, "Mom, can we do it tomarrow, I am playing with my friends, PLEASE".
Mom, "Okay, but tomarrow morning we are doing this, no excuses, and you can't be nasty about it." (thinking yeah right)
Ty, "I promise". (Famous last words)
(the next morning) Ty, "I'm going to Jonah's house".
Mom, "You promised that we would go through your clothes".
Ty, "Can't we do it later".
Mom, "No, you said you would do it now. Give me 5 minutes and I will be up".
(in that 5 minutes he manages to pick on Maddy and hit her with a pillow since he is bored)
Ty, "I'm done".
Mom, "What do you mean you are done? I said 5 minutes, and it has only been 3".
Ty, "I just went and did it. Everything fits".
Mom, "I want to see you in things".
The rest of the conversation was followed by whining about how hot he was and that this was SO stupid. What he didn't know or understand was that this was just as torturous for me as it was for him. We manage to only find 2 pairs of jeans that still fit and 1 pair of warm-up pants. The child has no clothes!! To him, it doesn't matter, because he would wear shorts and a tank top all year long if allowed!! It took 15 LONG minutes to get through all his clothes.

The conversation was very different with Maddy.

Mom, "Maddy let's try on your clothes to see what fits and what we still need to get for school".
Maddy, "Okay, it will be like a fashion show".
Mom, "Yep".
The next 2 hours Maddy spent trying on clothes, parading around in them, and trying to justify why we should keep items that are too small. She, too, has no clothes for winter. She was estactic to find out that she now gets to go shopping for all new clothes.

With Ty, I have found it is much easier (for the most part) to go shopping (by myself) pick up clothes that I think he would like and bring them home to try on.

With Maddy, it is cheaper to buy clothes and bring them home since she would pick out EVERYTHING in the store to buy. She definately is a girl and LOVES to shop. Especially when it is for her!!

In the end, I am very glad the beginning of the school year is only once a year!!

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C said...

Lori - let Carrie know what sizes you need and items and she can keep her eyes open to see if something pops up. She just got a really cute Ralph Lauren denim skirt, size 5, for the neighbor girl for about $4.00