Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gone again

I am leaving for Madison, WI again. This is the 4th trip since April. It is a 5 day trip this time. I am very tired of leaving but am glad that this will be it for a while. With fall here, I like to get my house together, bake meals to freeze, and get everything organized.

This trip, however, is very important. It is a national users group meeting. It is basically a meeting where people from all over the country who have implemented the same system get together and present different things of interest to others.

We were chosen to present on our trauma documentation. We have been the first hospital on an electronic medical record to complete "real time" charting. This means that while the case is happening all documentation is being completed. This has been a great challenge that we have completed.

I am very nervous to present as there will be a minimum of 150 people there listening. This is by far the largest group of people I have spoken in front of. Hopefully all will go well. It should be a good time and lots of workshops to attend.

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sistor said...

Good luck little sister!!