Saturday, September 29, 2007

if I could just have a toliet

For a couple of years I have joked about wanting a toilet for birthdays or Christmas gifts. Although, some might find this an odd gift idea, I wanted a toilet put in our main level bathroom. Up until recently this was not a finished bathroom. So we started working on it.

Little by little, dollar by dollar and guess toilet.

Come to find out...the the very LAST thing to go into a bathroom. So I am still waiting, waiting for the toilet.


we are getting closer, dad and I put the "flange" on for the toilet. I felt success! Even though the project that should have only taken 15 minutes turned into a long project that required a trip to the local hardware store! (what kind of home improvement project would it be if it didn't require at LEAST one trip to the hardware store!!)
Now comes the tile. I really liked the tile we chose and even are getting a little fancy!!

Soon, very soon, I will get my toilet!!

Here are some updated pictures after grouting today!!

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mom said...

way to go Lori!!!!! Such master craftsmen you are all getting to be...What is after the bathroom???? Sure looks nice...