Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well I am back home from WI, and happy to be here. The kids came home and it is wonderful, even though things are busy.

The presentation that we did went very well. We received a lot of positive feedback and people requesting to come and tour the ER and see, more in depth, the charting tool we created.

I have been very busy since returning and find that I don't have hardly any spare time. My embroidery has picked up dramatically and I actually had someone today call that had "googled" my website to find me!!

I also started doing some of the hospital billing. It appears (by the $4 million in lost revenue since Feb) that the ER nurses are not doing their billing. I am supposed to start doing some re-education with them but in the mean time have been going in each day to make sure all charts with medications administered have charges posted. This seems like a simple task but can take up to 4 hours just to get through a single day!!!

On top of all that I was contacted by the company that I bought my embroidery machine from to create a couple of the e-learning on their new software. I have been very excited about this as I have found that I really enjoy putting together the online learning. In addition they also want me to start teaching some of the classes at their site for this software.

I guess I am getting closer to my dream of having an in ground pool!! I might be too tired to use it though!!!

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