Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apple Orchard-Fall Fun

A couple of weeks ago we (Mimi, Nana, Meg, Alex, Jack, Ty, Maddy, and I) ventured out for our yearly trip to the Apple Orchard. This year we went later in the season and were able to pick out our pumpkins as well.

A lesson we learned from last year is to make the kids carry their own pumpkins. This will ensure the size of the pumpkin is not larger the the kids. (happened in previous years).

We got to pick our apples and evan Jack loved to do it. The apples are sooo good this time of year and I love making apple pies and apple muffins.

Evan Ty was thrilled with how many "good" apples he could find!!

We went through the corn maze and wandered around there for a while. Although, Ty had a different idea of the finish line then the rest of us, we had fun.

The weather was beautiful and we had a great day!

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