Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Saturday, Gregg got home from work and immediately started helping my dad and I with the tile. By 9:30pm that night we were done (although Gregg did most of the work). He said that he was stiff already. Noone thought that much of it since tiling is hard on the body from all the bending and crouching you have to do.

Sunday he was not feeling better, instead he was feeling worse. By the time he got home from work, he went to bed.

He was sick...no doubt about it.

I was a nurse, I could take care of him. Instead, I found myself trying to stay far away from him, not wanting to get whatever HE had.

I tried to caretake from afar, going to the store and buying juice, soup, and other treats that I know he likes.

Monday...he is still sick. Hardly got up all day, and needed more caretaking when I got home from work. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and know that he must really be sick since he usually doesn't complain about anything, much less a cold. Nonetheless, I had worked 12 hours that day and hardly slept all night since he was tossing and turning so much, and found my patience for him being sick was wearing on me.

But I went back to the store and bought more soup to make for him. I gave him some pain meds for his headache and hoped we could get some sleep.

Not much more sleep last night...hope he is feeling better today!!!

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