Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gone...but not far

It is the beginning of October. The air smells of fall. All the outdoor chores are done when preparing for a cold harsh winter. This includes cleaning out the flower beds and cutting all the flowers back.

I have many different types of flowers planted around the house ranging from Iris to Day Lillie's. Even though I have allergies to them I love seeing and smelling their fragrance. This is for me, a certain sign of spring.

I have gotten many of my flowers from relatives ranging from Grandmother to Great Aunts. I find great pride in these flowers as they are a constant reminder of loved ones.

I have 2 types of Iris around my house. In the front, I have white iris that I got from my grandmother. She has been gone about 15 years. The other set is a deep purple that I had purchased a couple of years ago. Both are very pretty, but of course I prefer the white.

This spring the flowers had come up and had many, many buds. The problem came after it froze one night. The flower buds died. I was very disappointed. I kept the green stems long most of the summer and then had pulled all of them out in order to separate them. I gave many away but kept a bunch to replant.

As fall approached I cut them all back to the ground in order to prepare.

Yesterday I came home and noticed something sticking up. When I took a closer look I was absolutely amazed with an overwhelming feeling of closeness to my grandmother.

There among the cut flowers was one single stem that had grown and now bloomed. To find this truly amazing one needs to have a small green thumb.

First, Iris ONLY bloom in Spring. It is very unheard of that they bloom a second time in Fall. Second, usually when flowers are split and transplanted they usually will not bloom the next Spring let alone a month later.

Today, my Grandma came back to let me know she was there. It was truly a moment that took my breathe away!!

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Jerry Sturges said...

Such a beautiful story. I'm sure my mother, your grandmother, is watching over us all. It's nice to know you have a piece of her in your heart and in your garden. Bless you and yours.