Tuesday, January 29, 2008

60 degree difference SERIOUSLY?!?!?

We live in Minnesota. "Winter" is not a word taken lightly around here. We believe and live by warm mittens, thick jackets, long underwear, and snow boots. During winter "fashion" is tossed aside and just "getting by" takes it's place.

There are fewer shopping trips since traveling in and out of the stores to the cars leave people exhausted and worn out.

But this is life. This is winter. This is Minnesota.

Some of the "die hard" Minnesotans live here purely for winter. (I am NOT one of them) They thrive on the snow and cold conditions to feed their sports addictions which include: snowmobiling, hockey, and snowboarding/skiing.

Now I like being outside, and even like participating in some winter sports. But this is crazy....

Yesterday it was 45 degrees. Now after being below zero this is a heat wave. We were able to walk around outside without jackets and just a sweatshirt on. It was fabulous, but not realistic.

Reality hit today.

The winds picked up and the temperature dropped from 45 to 1 degree by 8 am this morning. This does not include the wind chill. Not many would understand why the wind chill factor is soooo important until one experienced it themselves.

Wind Chill can make 1 degrees feel like 45 below zero. This is were your flesh will start to freeze (if exposed) in under 10 minutes! That is just crazy!!

So by tonight the temp is supposed to reach 20 below (this is without the wind chill) and possibly snow. It is a great possibility that schools will be cancelled tomorrow due to the cold weather.

This is a 60 degree change in weather from one day to the next!! AWWW, nowhere else but Minnesota!!

(on a side note, I was told I can't complain about the weather since I have heated seats in my car...they were the best purchase one could have ever made!!)


yeb said...

i know what you mean. it's supposed to get down to 48 degrees tonight. tomorrow will be a harsh 60 degrees. it's hard.

ps, i'm a reader of yours =) sorry about the cold. i will have a cup of hot chocolate to your health in the morning.

simplicity said...

You're right! You don't get to complain, you have heated seats!!!!

The rest of us have to warm up our cars for 10-15 minutes and still shiver!

It is COLD!

sistor said...

God bless the butt warmers!!! May they warm us forever!!

coolest cousin in the world! aka- Kate said...

well i guess i cant complain about being chilly in 60 degree weather out here in AZ anymore!!!!

Heather 2nd Coolest Cousin said...

You need to come to Southern CA for a few days and get your fill of sunshine:)