Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes the kids win

March is a very busy month. Many birthdays, close together, on both mine and Gregg's side and Jeff and Samara's. In the beginning mostly we would try to plan around the times that we had the kids and when it didn't work, the kids would end up missing the celebration.

I was so happy that this has changed. This past Monday was my nephew Jack's birthday. After trying many dates for his party my sister finally said it would be on Monday.

I thought, "Monday, I don't have the kids on Mondays".

So I emailed Samara to see if I could get the kids for this birthday dinner. She said they didn't have anything going on and that would be fine.

She even went one step further and was gracious and nice enough to bring the kids to Chuck E Cheese so I did not have to drive from downtown to our town (45 min drive) and then back to Maple Grove.

The evening was a blast and I dropped them off after the dinner and celebration.

After I left I was so happy that we had fought this hard battle to get to where we are so that TODAY the kids won!!


Anonymous said...

I commend all of you on working this out for the sake of the little ones and in the end, everyone wins!!!! Love to all.

simplicity said...

It's true, the kids DO win.