Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who are you?

Lately there have been people looking at my blog. I have no problem with this except when they continue to view a single post. I mean really, I know that I am a good writer and all, but why only one post.

Another blog that I visit, recently asked people to leave comments on

1. Who they were (if they had a blog associated with them as well)

2. Why they read

3. What they liked the most

I think this is a good idea, so please....

Tell me who you are and know that I am watching you as well:)


Jill Davis Doughtie said...

1. Jill
2. I like hearing from the perspective of someone who is both a stepmom and mom with a stepmom in her life. Also, I like reading about friendly relationships between co-parenting houses. You guys give me some good ideas -- like taking turns organizing birthday parties, for example.
3. I like the posts about how you manage logistics and relationships between houses the best. But I like them all.

simplicity said...

1. Samara
2. I read because it's always fun to read about things from your perspective and about what's going on.

Anonymous said...

1. My name is C. My blog is

2. You give me a different perspective.

3. I enjoy reading all your posts - that's why I check back often, to see if you've posted anything new! :-)

lucky13 said...

1. Cris
2. just like the others, yours is a different perspective. I initially came to your blog after there was mention of one of your posts, but then I linked back from Simplicity on different occasions.
3. I haven't read your blog long enough to have something i like the most.

Anonymous said...

I am Samara's cousin Samantha. Living in Wisonsin I use her blog to see how her life is going because I can not always talk to her. I like to look at both of your views on things and found out that you both have a lot of the same views!