Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hard Week

With it being Sunday I rejoice in the new week. This past week has been quite a doosey. There have been sick kids, doctor appts, long work hours, and deaths in the family and with friends.

With the deaths come the surreal knowledge of knowing that your time here on earth is limited. That we are not as invincible as we once thought, as you finally start to understand the circle of life (and death).

And after this week I started to somewhat feel sorry for myself, thinking, "man I have had a rough week...I have had hard crosses to bear". But during church today I know that there are other people who have harder crosses to bear and worse weeks then mine. I am not perfect. Not a perfect person, parent, daughter, sister, or friend. But I am trying...and working...

And with a new week, a new attitude, a positive start!!

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Jill Davis Doughtie said...

You're in my thoughts. I'm sorry to hear about the deaths you are dealing with.