Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long road, BIG mess

We have been waiting, researching, and deciding for quite a while on whether we want to put in an inground pool. I have done more then my fair share of research about them. Types...cost...usage...on and on...and FINALLY we decided to do it.

I began getting bids and talking to more people then I have ever wanted, but we decided on Nassau Pools in Elk River to install it. I wish that deciding that would be the end of it but with that decision came many, MANY more.

For the past 2 weeks we have had multiple people and companies outside and inside of our house. Pool guys, electricians, gas guys, and concrete guys. All of who need to be coordinated just SO in order to complete each task.

This is a true statement since currently the pool is in (and filled) the gas line has been hooked up and inspected. The electrician was just able to finish his grounding of rebar yesterday and now today am waiting on the electrical inspection before being able to go forward with the concrete.

In addition, we have to put the retaining wall up around the pool (because the pool is about 3 ft above ground due to a high water table)before the fence is installed. We currently have our yard fenced in but the city code requires a 5 ft fence (we of course have a 4 ft).

The front yard looks like a war zone. There are big divets from the heavy trucks and machines going back and forth and the new driveway even cracked under the pressure. (yes, one more thing to get replaced and coordinated!)

The back yard is even worse. It is mostly dirt and then a big pile of pool. it looks pretty strange having a large pool take up most of one end of the yard but come next summer will be looking pretty good.

We should hopefully finish the retaining wall and the fence this year and then next year worry about the rest of the landscaping and resodding the yard. It has been quite an adventure but we are hoping to heat it up and use it a couple of times before having to shut it down for the winter!!

I will post some pictures of the process. It was very fun to watch the precision of the building and constructing of the pool.

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sistor said...

long road, big mess = short winter, fun summer!!!