Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been a while

It has been quite a while since I have updated this blog. I guess the few minutes that I have had of spare time, I have tried to relax and enjoy the season. Instead of trying to throw the past month into 1 post, I will try and catch up on blogging about life.

Tyler got to walk the fields this past fall with Gregg, Dad, and Evan. This was a very big deal for him and me...

To means one step closer to the responsibility of a gun and getting to go hunting with the group, not as a walker, but one of them.

To means that he is one step closer to being grown up. This past year he has matured and grown up so much. Although he is still a boy and acts silly sometimes, in the things he says and does, he is getting older.

To Gregg and My means they are getting ready to have another member in their hunting party. Another generation to share in the closeness and create memories that Ty will want to share with his kids!

Here are some pics from the day.

Ty getting ready to go

The boys as they were getting ready to leave

Ty with the "headless pheasant" (this story was by far his favorite to tell!)

Gregg having the pleasure of cleaning the birds so we could have dinner! (The girls thought that this was the grossest thing ever, but stood and watched the whole thing)

Gregg and Ty after hunting!

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Anonymous said...

such great pictures and yes, they grow up way too fast. But,oh, the memories they have started together!! It reminds us of years gone by with Grandpa B.....