Monday, July 16, 2007

Check it off your list

Many people have a list of certain things they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. For some this consists of material possessions, for others, goals and achievements. Some have time lines, others not.

My sister has a goal to run a 5k before turning 35. I am not sure why the magic number of 35 but it is 35 nonetheless. Let me state that she will be turning 35 in less then 6 months. That leaves about 3 months to train and find a 5k to run since it gets very cold in November, December, and January!

How does this affect me I asked?

I was chosen to accomplish this with her.

Now, I am putting this on the blog so people can know and be aware of this goal. We (mostly me) are going to need a lot of support and encouragement to complete this task.

I am not a runner. In fact, up until very recently, my theory when chased ONLY!!

I have since had to change that thought process and will need to dig up some encouragement to do this.

Evan wants to do this with us, and I think Gregg will too! It will either be something to cherish (time together) or we will all be addicted to pain killers by the end!!

November 1st, Lisa, check it off your list!!!!!!!

By the way, the race is on Halloween and is the Anoka Halloween 5k!


Anonymous said...

Way to go kids----mom and dad are behind you all the way and will cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts?