Monday, July 30, 2007

The easy way out, only for one....

This past week in my sister's neighborhood (specifically the park preserve) there was a lot of police sirens and activity. Police scattered everywhere, looking....searching. When inquiring about the situation she was told it was "of a domestic nature" and she should not be concerned.

Not concerned? Okay.....

A few days later, during a youth soccer game, the "domestic nature" was discovered. The person they were searching for had been found.

The story unfolded that the man they were looking for had been served divorce papers that morning. He set down his belongings, picked up a hand gun and said good-bye.


He left 2 small children and other family members.

This tragedy has really stuck with me the past couple days. How could he leave his children? How could he leave his family?

To me choosing to take your life is the "easy" way out. I have been through a divorce, it is really, REALLY tough. No where was it posted, though, that life was going to be easy or fair.

His 2 small children now have to learn how unfair life really is. Instead of having to deal with a divorce (which I am not taking anything away from) they now have to learn to live without their dad. His parents, without a son, and any siblings, without their brother.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and children of the man. Nothing in this world is more precious then life. Sometimes we need to slow down and remember this.

Sometimes what we think is the easy way out for the hardest path for others.

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