Thursday, August 2, 2007


I came home late Tuesday night after being gone for only 3 days. It can seem like forever when you are not home. I was greeted by my wonderful husband with open arms, a kiss, and some welcome home flowers.

It was something simple, yet made me feel that I was loved and missed! This is not the first time I have gotten flowers, I get them throughout the year, sometimes for special occasions, and sometimes just because.

I love flowers! I love my husband! I loved being welcomed home!!

Today we were on our way to McDonald's before heading to Gregg's softball games. We were cutting through the back roads behind McDonald's and saw a sight that would bring tears to your eyes.

There along the road by the parking lot looked like a parade. Upon closer inspection there were dozens of American Flags along with banners. People everywhere.


Looking for their loved one to come home. FINALLY!!

Gregg and I spoke of how great it was, and that they would be home soon. We went and got our food and then was waiting at the light to turn.

Down the road was a fire truck...lights siren...not speeding.

Then another....

We realized that the fire trucks were bringing our troops home! They were followed by motorcyclists and finally the TROOPS!!

We started honking and the fire trucks honked back. The excitement and anticipation in the air was overwhelming along with a strong sense of Patronage!!

Flowers were enough for my welcome home...words could not describe the out pouring of love and encouragement the troops received from not only their families, but the community.

Welcome home troops, WELCOME HOME!!!

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