Saturday, July 14, 2007

The funniest thing I ever heard

I grew up in the suburbs only finding out about "inner city" living after working downtown at HCMC. I was very shocked at the way of life by many people. My children and sister's children have grown up the the same way. Gregg plays softball on a Friday night league in Minneapolis with some of the guys he went to high school with. We decided to meet his oldest daughter for dinner and then I was going to take the kids (plus Meg, Maddy's cousin) to Gregg's softball games. The games are located right by the airport in south Minneapolis. Driving there I had just the 2 girls in my car since Ty rides with Gregg every chance he gets. The day is sunny with a couple of clouds in the sky. Meg says to Maddy, did you hear is thundering out. It was one of the big planes taking off over our heads!! (to those who haven't been down there, during a softball game a plane takes off about every 30 seconds! I can't imagine living right there!)

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