Thursday, July 12, 2007

To Grandma's (Mimi's) house we go....

One of the favorite things growing up was visiting Grandma's house. Going up there and staying for a week was something I looked forward to. I met friends that still keep in contact with even today. Some of the special memories I have were climbing through the hole in the fence to get to the pool or meeting friends in the park to go to Box Car Days. (this was the town carnival they had each year...for the parents, a true money pit!)

It is fun to see that these family traditions have lived on. Both kids love going to Mimi and Papa's house. They want to spend the time their alone since the attention is solely focused on them! It is fun to see the way the kids smile when Mimi or Papa walk into the room, or how they call from their house before bed to tell me good night and to list the fun things they did that day. Here is some pics from Ty's last stay at Mimi's.

Ty loves biking to the Creek by their house. This time he stepped on an unsteady rock and needed who.....PAPA to the rescue!!

Truely, an 8 year old boy! (more on that later...)

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