Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer fun

Ty is very creative when it comes to being a boy. He has a head full of "brilliant" ideas that sometimes need adult interference in order to keep him safe. I think that is part of being a child (but mostly a boy!) Ty has built a ramp for his bike. He took a piece of plywood and put 3 cut off 2x4's under the one end. This has become a very popular jump for not only us, but the neighbor kids as well. Here is Ty before going off of the jump.

You can see he gets some "air" when going off. You can't really tell but Ty (and friends) decided to put their artistic side to work and painted the ramp. If you can't tell, the ramp is red and black with what appears as a skull painted on it. (Hopefully the skull is a phase as well!!!!!!!)

Maddy up til this point has been the more reserved, especially when riding her bike. Today, however, she decided this was the day she was going to go off of the ramp. With me holding my breath, she went off successfully and had a blast the rest of the day.
(If anyone knows Maddy, they would understand that if there was someone to get hurt doing this, it would be her!!)

SUCCESS!! Good job, Maddy!
Since this day, I should add, the jump has become higher. Ty added 2 more 2x4's, so it is now 5 boards high!!
I guess it is not any fun if it is not challenging!

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