Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family Times

Summer is meant for family times together. Sometimes we get so busy that we do not take the opportunity to spend the time with our families. This past week Gregg's aunt and uncle were here visiting from California. Carole had dinner and we spent the evening laughing and playing domino's. (I found out that I am really, really bad at domino's!!)

Here is Gregg and his dad.

This is my brother in law Chris (or Chrissy as I call him) and Gregg's uncle Glen. I got a new nickname from Chrissy that night as well. "Butterbritches" Someone (not naming names) got a little carried away when putting their corn in the butter and splashed butter all over my favorite work pants.

No worries Chrissy, it all came out in the wash!!

Some would say I am spoiled since I got to request Denny's famous grilled corn on the cob, and he made it! Needless to say I was in heaven and ate 2 ears!!!

Here is Elenor and Glen, both of which were a little annoyed at me snapping pictures of everyone. Now that I have my new camera it is soo small it fits into my purse!
The weekend before our dinner was our annual "Cousin's Reunion" at Auntie Jo's. This is where my extended relatives on my mom's side all get together. There can be many, many of us when all present.

Here is Maddy on the water Tramp. It took her a while to get enough courage to get up there but she managed to do it and had a lot of fun.

Ty loved to lay on the float (it has a place so you can see under water) and try and catch fish. He did manage to get one in the net! Good job Ty!

Here is (from Left to Right) MaryJane, Auntie Jan, and Auntie Jo. Not all are direct Aunt's (except for Jan) but since it gets overwhelming when trying to figure it out we are all either Aunts or cousins.

They had a new lake toy this year that Ty had fun in. It was a giant blow-up hamster wheel. It looked really fun.

Nana and kids came and Maddy always has fun with her cousin Megan. Those 2 will be trouble someday together!!

Lastly, here is Mimi, Auntie Jan, and Auntie Jody. 3 of the 5.
Always fun to see and spend time together. The weather was less then perfect but being together made it a great day!!

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Madison said...

Hi Mom, I love all the pictures. Samara said that my comment will be on all the pictures for this. I love all the pictures. Me and Megan, Auntie Jan and the other girls. I love you. Love Maddy