Sunday, August 12, 2007

Have a good weekend!

Have a good weekend! Those were my last words I wrote on Friday. I had no idea what I was in for.

Most people in Minnesota this year have been praying for rain. Although, I have really enjoyed the hot, dry summer, I had to agree that some rain would be nice.

I have to be careful though when asking for rain. If anyone knows the house history they know why I say this.

2:00 am lighting and thunder (almost like a light show)

2:15 am Coco pushes the door open and comes into the bedroom (she does not like the thunder and lighting)

2:17 am Gregg and I get up now that we can hear how bad the rain is. We went downstairs and it looked like it was raining sideways. The small trees (if we can call them that) are bent in half d/t the rain. We comment on how hard it was raining and the wind, and then start to go back to bed.

2:20 am Electricity goes out.

2:21 am Back up, need to get the small generator to plug the sump pump into. Come to figure out (when you need it the most) the generator does not have enough power. Note to self, get bigger generator!

2:24 am Hear Gregg (who got the generator) yelling, "We have big, BIG problems"!!

2:25 am I walk downstairs and look at Gregg who is in the basement. The basement was finished about 2 1/2 years ago. He is standing in ankle deep water. Yes, we have carpet. We look at each other and then at the rooms and decide to go to bed. There is nothing we are going to be able to do now.

2:27 am Laying in bed, contemplating moving....

The power finally came back on about 7:15 am that morning. I called my dad and mom to see if they had any problems and they were on their way to my sister's lake home. They asked if they should stop by and gratefully I declined. Thank goodness they did not listen to me and stopped anyways.

The next 4 hours were a blur. Moving furniture, and then trying to pull up wet carpet and a soaking pad. The worst part was getting the carpet out from under the pool table since the pool table weighs 400 lbs!!

If that was not enough I managed to step on the end of the cord to the wet vac. Of course I was bare foot! It managed to cut the bottom of my foot! What a day!!

That night we had more severe thunderstorm alerts. I was so tired and sore from pulling carpet that I didn't care. I can't believe we have to deal with the insurance company again. I think they know us personally.

Have a good weekend, hopefully, everyone else had a better one then that!!

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Madison said...

I heard your blog, I hope nobody got hurt. I heard you ripped up the carpet and put all the furniture upstairs. I think that would be along time for us. We had to sit in our basement last night asking when the storm would stop it didn't stop until 2am in the morning. But what I say is that dad was taking pictures of us sleeping and dad waked us up and sent us to our beds when it was still thundering but it was ok. We all woke up and Henry was downstairs with us and that's how everything got wrong. Love Mom. Madison