Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School Situation Update

So I wanted to update you on the school battle we are having. We received an email back from the IT department at the school that reads:

Mr Postuma,

I received your email regarding the portal and I just wanted to send you a response regarding our student management system and the registration form. This is more of a system issue than anything else. The current student management system can not show both parents on one screen, so we have to choose which parent is listed first. This fact is not intended to upset parents or make them feel as though they are a second rate parent. It is just the way the system operates. The portal operates in the same manner. As the district handles this information we need to enter it in a consistent manner, so we decided to list the husband first. This decision was made for no particular reason other than we just needed to pick one.

So I guess they just randomly picked a person (obviously the male) to be on the front page. In looking at this, it then does not accurately reflect ANY living situation, married or not, since both parents should be listed. He obviously doesn't know who he is dealing with!!!

I would be just as angry if I was married and not shown as a parent until page 2.

I honestly think the IT guy thought he would be able to get rid of us with this email. Little did he know (until yesterday) we sent an email to the School Board asking for help in resolving this. They are now looking into the situation.

More to come....

On a side note, it has been great to not only have Jeff and Samara's full support but active help in resolving this. I have really appreciated Jeff's ability to articulate the situation in emails where I find I am too frustrated to write everything and sometimes allow my emotions to dicate what is written...

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Jill Davis Doughtie said...

It makes me SO frustrated when schools say they have to set a primary household and can't just send copies of everything to two houses. Grrr. I don't know if that's exactly the same as what you're going through, but seriously. So many kids live in two houses. Why can't the schools fix their computer systems? Can it really be that hard?