Saturday, September 8, 2007

you loose

We finally were able to get the kids to decide what they wanted to do this fall/winter. This is always a tough chore since neither one can make up their mind. Then when they finally make a decision it seems to change from house to house.

Jeff and I sat them both down and went over the sports/activities. This was not an easy task and I left there with a headache!!

Ty has played hockey for 2 years and basketball last year. He decided he wanted to play basketball again, but it is hard for me since he doesn't seem to enjoy it. We have looked into the year round baseball since that truly is what he wants to do. Living in Minnesota does not help!!

Madison continually changes her mind but has settled with dance.

I thought I would sign them both up for swimming lessons as well. They have been doing so great this summer that I don't want them to loose what they have accomplished.

Here's the deal...I go on line to register Maddy for dance. Find out the class is wait listed. Think okay...I'd better sign them up for swimming lessons.

Call the community center...Maddy's class again, is wait listed. Ty can take them but if I sign him up and she doesn't get in she can't swim. Put Maddy on the waiting list since Ty's class still has 5 openings and will hope for the best.

Now, we're back at square one. Zero things for the kids to do this fall.

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