Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Middle Aged

What comes to mind when you think of middle aged?

Does it represent a certain year or years? Or is it how you feel?

How long does middle age last and what are you after you are middle aged?

These questions were brought to my mind last week and made me start thinking.

To me, my parents, are middle aged. They are in their early 50's. They have raised their family and are enjoying the part of life together after years of hard work and hardship. This idea that I had was somewhat destroyed last week after a visit to the doctor.

I went to see a dermatologist and during his discussion about what the dry skin was he stated: "You usually don't see this happen in middle-aged people like yourself but it can develop after longer periods of time out in the sun...." He tried to keep talking but I halted him immediately.

"Middle-aged people like myself", I asked??

Without too much hesitation he replied, "yes".

"I don't understand", I said again. "I am certainly NOT middle aged", I demanded.

He then asked, "Well, what are you then?"

I did not have a response. I guess I don't fall into the "young adult" range since I have reached 30 but certainly don't feel that I am middle-aged.

I explained to him that I expected to live well beyond 90 and that put middle-aged at around 40-50. I believe he realized how offended I was and we talked a little more about the dry skin and I left.

If I am middle-aged, then what are my parents....elderly?

This dermatologist has it all wrong. I think there needs to be another category added between yound adult and middle aged. And THAT is where I am at right now!!

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Anonymous said...

all it does is make me older than you!!

16 days - shit!!