Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We celebrated with all the kids and grand kids on Friday night. It was filled with children laughing and playing and you could feel the excitement of the "party".

In recognizing my dad's birthday I thought it only reasonable to say thank you for all that he has done for me. More then he will ever realize.

Since I can remember my dad was always working to provide for us. Even when life was tough, he had faith that managed to pull us through. As I grew he showed care and concern for my daily choices and led by example. This has set the standards pretty high and I find that when I have tough choices to make I think about what he would do.

He has showed how to problem solve and how to deal with life when it doesn't always go the way we wanted it to. He has taught us how to recognize what is truly important in life and to let the other stuff go, even when it is not fair.

He has caught me many times when I have fallen. Even when I have fallen due to my own choices after he has voiced his concerns. And I know he would catch me again if needed.

He has shown me what it is to have faith, faith that can move mountains. Even when I doubted the very existence of faith. He showed me that I could trust myself, even when I didn't. His mere outlook on life was enough to give me the self confidence that I needed to survive many situations.

His kindness and generosity has showed me how to be kind and generous to others. Not only in monetary tokens but to give of myself as he has done countless times.

His love for God, his wife, his children, and grandchildren is far greater then could ever be said. He shows this everyday even when we have not deserved it.

All that I am I owe to my dad. He has given me more then he could ever know or that I could start to repay. I can only hope that I can pass on to my kids a piece of what he has given to me. So for all of that and more...

Thank you Dad. I love you. Happy Birthday!!

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