Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not "By Purpose"

By Purpose has become a familiar saying in our house at times. This is supposed to mean that he/she did it "ON PURPOSE", but when one is very young and new at learning the trade of "tattling" it comes across as "by purpose".

So in the spirit of 'by purpose' there are a couple of things that I wanted to admit that I did NOT do BY PURPOSE...

The first, buy Henry a ball pit just to annoy or get back at his mom. This has become a popular joke between us and how "sweet" revenge can be but in all honesty I really got it for him because I thought he would love it. I will admit that there is a hint of satisfaction knowing that the balls (all 150 of them) are being thrown around the house, but truthfully I wanted to get him something that I knew he would like.

Secondly, getting the kids toys (ie..junk) from Space Aliens. Space Aliens is somewhat similar to Chuck E Cheese or as some call it a Children's Casino. Money is thrown into the machines for tickets only to redeem prizes that usually break within the first hour.

Tonight, we took the kids there and they picked out a large (about 2 1/2 foot) plastic blow-up hammer. This would not be so bad if every time you squeezed it, it made a high pitched squeaking sound that is very deafening.

It seemed ironic that immediately after picking out these deafening toys they were going to their dad's. It was definitely not by purpose that they went over there with those annoying toys.

So just for the record I did not do it by purpose!!

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simplicity said...

Uh-huh, that's what you say now!!!

All joking aside, the ball pit is pretty fun for Henry. And the other two seem to like it too.

The noisy Space Alien hammers though are no good. Don't forget them in your car or you'll be in for a very irritating car ride :) Hmm, now that's an idea! :)