Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Weekend

With Christmas Eve being on a Monday we had the weekend to "prepare" for the holiday. Saturday started out with some baking. (we had previously baked cookies but decided to do another batch). Jack was a very "messy" helper. His mom said he can only help over at my house....wonder why????

Sunday was Maddy's program at Church. She was an literally an Angel. Her and her cousin Megan sang beautifully!! (I'm sure I won Mother of the year since I don't have a pic to post of the angels but I think if you look at Samara's blog you can find one!)

Monday, Christmas Eve, Samara and Jeff came over in the morning as we had a couple of presents for them. The kids were already bouncing off the walls. Then we went to my mom and dad's for the day. Here are some pics of the day.

All the kids by the Christmas Tree.

Ty and Papa reading the story of Mary and Joseph. This has become a tradition every year and each year brings tears to Mimi and Papa's eyes.

Maddy very pleased with her new gift!!

Ty opening the "guitar hero" gift. Fun for the whole family!!

It was a truly great day filled with family and laughter. The kids even sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Tuesday, Christmas Day, was a little more relaxed. I got up early anxious about the turkey dinner I was making. I have never truly done it solo. I have always had my mom there to help.

In the mist of Christmas Eve I forgot to pick up the French Silk pie the girls wanted. So I found a recipe and was going to make eggs.

I went out at about 7 am in hunt for eggs. After 4 gas stations and stores I found one open. I thanked the cashier over and over for "saving" my pie, even though she was probably not happy about being open. And went home.

I made the pie and pie crust and it looked good. I put the turkey in and went about the morning. About noon Gregg's parents and girls came over. We ate and opened presents. It was nice to talk to them. That night was spent relaxing and enjoying "peace on earth".

Ty and Maddy came back from their dad's Thursday, and again, it was Christmas at our house. Not only had Santa come while they were gone, but Gregg's family had brought gifts as well.

I have found with our blended family it is not just a holiday on 1 day but usually lasts a week for the kids!!!

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