Tuesday, December 18, 2007

**School update**

So for those just tuning in we have had some difficulty (to say the least) getting the school district that we live in to recognize our family dynamics.

In the beginning of the school year I was made to "apply" for access to my children's school records online. This was covered up by stating that my ex got there first and that is why he got the password. (even though we walked up there together!!)

Next has been numerous times where they would state that they have contacted the "mother" of the children, when in fact, my phone has never rang.

It has been brought to basically everyone's attention that we are a blended family and this is the living situation for our children. There are 2 sets of parents. The children live in 2 homes. Both sets of parents are equally involved. and the biggest one....WE TALK. Yes, we talk to each other. We know what is going on in each others homes when the kids are there. We know how the other parent is doing and sometimes how exhausting and/or frustrating it can be at times. WE KNOW!!

We have been writing to our oh so politically correct school board member and IT person to try and have some of the forms changed since they are confusing and do not show the legal guardians for the children. At one point during my conversation with the IT guy he stated, "In my opinion the forms have been changed enough to satisfy a situation like yours".


Last time I checked my tax dollars that paid his salary did not go for his opinion.

Since then we have been dealing with yet another small town catholic man who has been less then helpful and in fact has (as he puts in his emails) been "disappointed" by the fact that his minimal assistance has been met with great upheavel and that we did not just "go away".

We now need to look at filing a complaint with the State about the school district and the fact that they are infringing on civil rights of equal representation of the situation.

It would be sooooo nice if someone would just say, "Hey I know you did not go into this planning on getting divorced, but I can see you are working your a** off to make the best of a bad situation to help not only the kids but everyone else involved".

I'm sure there will be more to come.....

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