Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

I love this time of year. This year has been especially fun. The kids were very excited about Christmas and it seemed to be catchy. I even caught my husband listening to Christmas music!

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house. This is a tradition that we have done since I can remember. My dad has oysters for dinner (by himself since noone else in their right minds would eat them) and the rest of us seem to graze all day long on cheese and crackers, Christmas cookies, and other various things.

Usually we go to candle light service at our church but this was the first year we didn't. It was hard to not go but Gregg had to work and did not get off until around the time we would need to leave. So this year we stayed home and enjoyed the laughter and excitment of the kids as they opened their presents (and ours).

Ty and Maddy went to their dad's that night when we were all done. It is hard to not have them on Christmas Day but understandably that they have their traditions as well.

Christmas Day was spent with Gregg's girls and family. We stayed home and I cooked a turkey and dressing. I even made a homemade French Silk pie. (this was since I forgot to pick up one the day before!!) It was very relaxing and nice to sit and visit with the girls. They are older and busy with their own lives.

Will post some fun pics later! Hope all had a very wonderful Christmas!

p.s. It even snowed on Christmas!

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Jill Davis Doughtie said...

Merry day-after Christmas! I am looking forward to the pictures!