Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bad blogger, new updates

I have been very, very bad with blogging recently. I thought I had a great idea for writing but then I had horrible writers block. So now I am ready to just update you on where we are right now.

Maddy has started a new gymnastics class this last Saturday. She was pretty nervous since she started in the middle of the session. We did this since she has been taking a "sweet heart's class" that is a combination of dance and gymnastics. Although, she changes her mind frequently she has seemed more interested in the gymnastics piece. Today was her second class. She was all smiles during the class and after. She is very good and is already just as good as the other kids in the class.

Tyler is getting excited about his birthday coming up. January is very busy for us as we have:

Nana's birthday on the 7th
Megan's birthday on the 19th
Our anniversary on the 20th
Gregg's dad and uncles birthdays on the 25th (twins...duh!!)
Tyler and Lauren's birthday's on the 27th

and possibly a new birthday to add.....kelly!!!

Tyler has decided to go snow tubing at a hill for his birthday. It is really fun so hopefully it will not be crazy cold!! He also wants to take snowboarding lessons so we will look at a snowboard for his birthday. It would be fun to learn how to do some of those things together as a family. Especially since we have so many winter months!!

I have been busy embroidering as well as at work. We are upgrading our system at work the weekend of Feb 7th, 8th, and 9th. This is alot of work and testing. The embroidery business has expanded (which is great!!) and is keeping me very busy. I am doing alot more tackle twill sweatshirts which is fun with my new cutter.

I am looking forward to some quality time with my husband tonight. I think we will go see a movie or just hang out.

I'm sure like most people with the New Year's Resolutions I have also agreed that I needed to loose 15 pounds. I have gained some weight in the past year and am now determined to loose that weight and tone up. So hopefully by softball season I will be in shape and ready to go!!

I also will be better about updating this with stories and thoughts!!!


simplicity said...

It's about time you updated! My goodness!

Hope you have a nice evening, we saw Juno on Friday night and it was surprisingly good. You'll have to let me know what you see.

sistor said...

And yet, unselfishly, she came over to help her sistor! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (I even got a new phone out of the deal...we've been putting it off forever!) I truly appreciate YOU!