Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cherished Times

My son spent Friday night at his Mimi and Papa's house. We all had gone over for a family dinner and a Wii party (to whom my wonderful husband took home the title of Bowling champ). When we were getting ready to leave Ty had asked if he could spend the night at their house. My parents, of course, were elated and had no problem with it so I said it was okay. Ty jumped for joy and my parents just smiled.

My dad brought him home the next morning and Ty was soon off running to a friends' house. I listened to my mom recall the events of what they did the night before and how fun it was to tuck him in and sing him a song.

It made me remember the cherished times I spent at my own grandmother's house. The evenings we would sit and talk about nothing particular, but would talk for hours. The dinners, the walks, the hugs and kisses. The things that she said would not have made sense at the time, but years later would make complete sense.

I wonder if she talked with my mom that way. Calling her to recall the evenings events and how much fun she had. I'm sure I was off running the next day, going here and there not ever aware of how much that time would mean to her....or to me.

I look back and wish that there were more evenings where we could sit and talk. More stories to hear, more advice to take. Wishing that she could be here to see how I am as a parent and how her parenting my mom, and my mom parenting me, has influenced and guided how I parent my children.

I now look at my son and how excited he is to see and spend time with his grandparents and realize that one day he will look back and want one more day as well. I know that even though he is off running the next day, he loves his grandparents and cherishes the times together.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice blog-we are thrilled to be a part of the grandkids lives and enjoy watching then grow up. Time is moving so quickly and life is so short, that we need to enjoy and cherish every day and family times.