Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My friend from work rescued a dog last Friday from the humane society. It was perfect. She is a single gal whose last dog died a couple of years ago. She usually will try and rescue dogs instead of buying them from a breeder as she does not have small kids so some of the dogs that would be put down she can help.

Her luck, a guy from Wisconsin had to surrender 120 (yes, 120) labs in order to not have thousands of dollars in fines for mistreatment.

She said there were many people there to help take the dogs. Many were puppies. She found a small yellow lab that was about 1 yr old. It would be perfect for her so she bought it.

The dog was not socialized so she was very apprehensive of people in general and even more so of males. My friend took the entire week off of work in order to help the dog become adjusted and learn to relax.

They had been on many walks over the last 5 days and she said the dog had started to calm down and relax around her.

Today, though, they were out walking and something spooked her. She took off running and my friend was not able to hold onto the leash. She spent hours driving around and searching and as of yet there has been no word.

This is very hard to hear since she loves animals and has put a lot of effort, time, and love into this animal so far. The dog has a micro chip so hopefully she will be returned safely to my friend.

As her friend and BIG animal lover it breaks my heart!! Hopefully she will come home again soon.


simplicity said...

Dogs have microchips now?!?? Am I that out of it in the dog world?

So sad for your friend. That's too bad. Hopefully the dog comes home soon.

Chelly said...

I hope your friend's dog makes it home soon! How sad. I need to get my dog's microchip activated. Especially now that we live in Germany, and i need to get my cat her's.