Monday, March 31, 2008

A great idea

Anyone who has gone through a divorce and has children understand how difficult it can be at times to register the kids for just about anything. (especially in joint custody situations).

Questions like: What address do you use? What phone numbers to give? Who should be the emergency contact? What emails to use? etc etc...

At first, we tried to write down all of the information...both sides. It consumed all of the paper and then some. It was difficult and tedious. I think it stemmed from the fact that we were both equally involved in the kids lives (extracurricular activities and all) and wanted to make sure that it was not only noticed but that we were contacted with information as well.

Like I said, this was in the beginning. Soon after when the kids started school we decided that they would be registered for school under my address and then anything else they would have their dad's address. We would always give both phone numbers and emails to ensure proper notification.

After the ex had a baby with S and the school district split the boundaries we decided to have the kids registered under their address for school. This would help so that the kids could take the bus to and from the ex's house so S would not have to wake the baby to get the kids. It also allowed them to stay at the school they started in since my address was going to the new school.

The paperwork was still tough to get all the emails and phone numbers in the form but after reading THE DHX blog we got an idea to make it easier. They have a single email address that is given out and then it forwards the email to each of their personal emails. BRILLIANT!!

So I set up a general email for the kids and then added my email to it. S did the same, and IT WORKS!!

When signing Maddy up for soccer I added the single email address and the confirmation was received by both of us at our personal emails!!

What a great idea! Thanks DHX! It makes it just ONE step easier!!


Jill Davis Doughtie said...

I'm so glad you like the idea! It helps us a ton, too.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that something is on your side for once!