Saturday, March 29, 2008

Restaurant chaos

The kids and I went out for dinner last night. Their first choice, of course, was Benihana. After we found out they did not have any reservations they settled for McDonald's playland. Now I can count on one hand the times I have been to McDonalds since the New Year, especially for lunch or dinner. So we went.

The McDonald's was packed full of people. It took forever and almost all of the children's patience to wait for our food so we could go sit down. They stood next to me, waiting...patiently. We talked for what seemed like hours and then the food came.

As we found a table in the playland there was a mom and 2 son's sitting in a booth across from us, and many other people scattered.

We ate and talked some more and then something caught Maddy's eye. She sat quietly at first, just watching, and then read the sign. The sign read, "48 inches tall or less".

The significance, you ask?

Picture this...a small boy (I would guess 18 months old) entering into the playland tunnel. A man (maybe the father....maybe not) in a tank top, jeans with chain to pocket, and no socks entering the playland behind the small child.

Maddy, being the black and white..what is fair queen, pipes up and says, "He can't go in there...he is breaking the rules". I agreed as the play structure shook as he climbed through it after his son. I tried to talk about other things to get Maddy to wait until he was out before entering.

Finally both kids were off and playing in the tunnels. As I sat and watched the kids the mother at the other table had one of her son's eating and the other one refusing to sit still long enough to eat. She must have asked him and even given him 10 warnings to come and eat. Finally he sat in the booth and grabbed his happymeal toy and started to scream. BLOODY MURDER. I watched in amazement as the mother said nothing. I watched at other people stared at her wondering when she was going to ask the child to stop.


It went on for what seemed like years, reality probably 45 sec. A long 45 seconds.
And then he was off again to play, never eating.

About 10 minutes went by and the mother gave the kids a warning that they would be leaving in 5 minutes.

Another 10 minutes went by and again she said, "5 minutes until we leave".

Finally about 5 minutes later I had the kids come down and we were getting ready to leave. (realize I said it once!!) We gathered up our garbage and were walking out as she was giving them the 5 minute warning!!

I had to laugh to myself in what chaos it was and was so thankful that my children acted well behaved. I was very proud of them.

And now I know why we won't be going back to that McDonalds!

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simplicity said...

I am seriously grossed out about the dad (or maybe not dad) who entered playland in a tank-top and bare feet. EEK! And the mom who did nothing with her sons, I'd have been annoyed. I just wonder if she'd had a really hard day or if that was how she always was.

I will only take Henry to playland when I have Ty and Maddy with because I don't want to have to go in and get him :)