Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rosey!

Today is Maddy's 7th birthday. She is growing up so fast.


May you always be as happy and content as you are right now. Your smile lights up the room that you are in. Your laughter is contagious. You are so smart and sensitive to how others feel.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Even though there will be tough times you will always make it through on top. You have a gift of loving people and animals and giving kindness to whomever you meet.

You are truly a special gift from God. I am very proud of you and will always be! Thank you for being you.

I love you, Rosey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

love mom


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madison,
You are such a joy and we love you so much. We have enjoyed watching you grow into a beautiful young gal-you were even so beautiful as a new baby!!!! We are so lucky to have you and enjoy every minute we have with you. With Love and Kisses,
MiMi and PaPa

nana said...

You grow too fast! We love you, Madison. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Madison. You are growing up way too fast. We love you!