Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers. This includes the traditional mother's and the untraditional mothers.

To my mother,

Words cannot express the level of gratitude that I feel. First, that I have you to give me advice and talk with daily. I know that it must be hard to have lost that with your own mother, but you are so special to me and to your grandchildren.

I now understand after having my own children how hard it is to love someone so much and only want to help them in everything they do, but know that you must stand back and let them go to stumble...and sometimes fall. I know from your ways that I, too, will be there to help pick up the pieces if they do fall and teach them to have faith...something better was meant to be.

Your faith and love have been a rock in my life, showing me that it will not always be easy but we will make by day.

You have showed me that you can love so much that it sometimes hurts but that in the end it is the smiles and laughter amungst the children that make it all worth while.

That patience, hope, and love are mandatory and that putting your family first gives more joy then anything.

I hope that my children appreciate and love me as much as I love and appreciate you. I can only hope that I am half the mother that you have been to me!! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I love you, mom!!



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!After I read your blog and cried, I realized what a prize I had for a daughter. Words could and never will express how much we love our kids and would lay down our lives for all 3 of you and the grandkids too...What a joy in living and watching you all grow up to be faithful christians. Remember the best is yet to come!!!!love, mom

Anonymous said...

Also, I forgot to mention your spouses-shame on me. I love all three of them dearly too!!!!!