Monday, June 2, 2008

To my husband

To my husband on his birthday (the day after really)...

Thank you for your unconditional love that you show me everyday. Just the simple fact that you are in tune with how I feel and my hopes and dreams. You daily make my life easier, not by me asking you to do something, but looking and knowing what to do that will help out.

You make me laugh. You have shown me how to not take life so serious and how to laugh at myself. Those little inside jokes that only you and I know, that provide a smile or a laugh.

You are my rock. When times have been tough and I get discouraged you have been there. Not necessarily to tell me everything will be alright, but to hold my hand and let me know that you are there. And if it doesn't turn out, we will move on and deal with it.

You are my best friend. I love and cherish every minute that we get to spend together and thank God daily that you are in my life. I can tell you everything, even my deepest thoughts and know that you will never judge me.

You are my soul mate. We share so many things in common that it is like a match made in heaven. I love you more each day and am very grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for being you!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby!!

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Anonymous said...

When all my children lived at home, Gregg was usually the one that could make me laugh, too. He beat me at Scrabble with the word Lemonade.