Monday, July 7, 2008

A do-it-yourself weekend

The weekend before the 4th we decided to lay down new flooring. Actually, I decided and talked Gregg into it. My thoughts are: to get the house ready for an inground pool. Yes, I said inground pool. That is my dream and right now what I am working my butt off for.

So we finished the bathroom on the main level where the family room and patio door is. The problem was that we could not use the patio door because it came in on the carpet. (I guess we could TECHNICALLY use it but I did not like the idea of having to shampoo the carpet monthly)

We bought laminate flooring that looks like tile. Originally I wanted to tile the floor but it would be too cold in the winter, so laminate it was...

I watched a video on the "do it yourself" internet site that showed how to lay the flooring. Easy enough...right?!?! The guy on the internet even did it in like 30 minutes!! EVEN BETTER!!

So Saturday rolls around and we rip up half of the carpet, scrape the floor where the pad was glued down and start to lay the flooring. It went pretty good but it was NO 30 minutes!!

Here are the pictures of the progress through the finished product!! Over all I am very happy with the flooring and it brings us 1 step closer to the pool!!

This is after the carpet was pulled up and the padding for under the floor was laid.

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simplicity said...

Lori, I LOVE the floor! Looks great! And one step closer to the pool is good too.