Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I have been asked by friends, what are you getting your husband for Valentine's Day? I hesitate, not sure how to answer. You see, not everyone views valentine's day like Gregg and I do.

Even from the beginning it was something simple for V Day. A card...dinner. No flowers, no expensive gifts to exchange. It was simple. It was nice. The reason?

I feel that you should show the person you love each day how special they are to you, not just one day a year. I was excited that Gregg shared the same perspective. He does things daily to show how much he loves and cares about me and the kids. He does not need 1 day each year to prove that.

He compliments me often, gives me flowers for no reason, or a hug just because. His daily love and support is ongoing throughout the year and not just for 1 day. So this year, when he gave me the Valentine's Day card that he gave me 5 years ago, it showed that he loves me so much he holds on to those cards and cherishes them. It shows that I hope the next 5 Valentine's Day is just like this one!

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