Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years

I would say that the past 8 years have gone by very quickly. I'm sure that is because I didn't lose a loved one in the horrific attacks. I remember the day very clearly though, what I was doing and where I was when I heard that we ( the United States of America) was under attack!

Although I didn't loose anyone close to me I feel a deep ache and loss for those that did. Those that went to work that day just like any other day, not knowing they would not be going home to their families that night.

I have been watching the TV specials that they have on recapturing the events of that day and the days to follow. I watch with one eye open as I see the plane crash into the side of the tower, then fire and terror. Terror so great that people actually were jumping from the building thinking it was better then staying put.

Amung all the pain and anguish from that day I have found only one comfort. That day, God was allowed back in America. We have to be so careful now a days with separating church and school, but that day we were begging God for help. People holding their hands to the sky and asking for his help, comfort, and guidance.

And there was comfort, help, and guidance. There was unity amung a torn nation. There were people helping people, regardless of their race, sex, or any other biases they might have. Those were set aside, they were not important. Maybe for a brief moment it was how God sees us...people hurting, needing help regardless of who they are or how much money they have.

People there helping people, regardless of the cost.

I remember....I am thankful.

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