Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's is with the name

Since Ty was born we have called my mom "Mimi" and my dad "Papa". I find that sometimes I even call them this. When Ty was just starting to talk we had started calling mom "Grammie". He of course couldn't say this so he took the "mi" off of the end and came up with Mimi.

This name has spread and even the neighbor kids call her Mimi. Unfortunately, I thought we were the only ones with a "Mimi".

Papa is a pretty common nickname, although, some use it for their dads, while some their grandfathers. Nonetheless, we can usually find great sweatshirts and t-shirts for him.

This past weekend, Gregg was playing softball (again!!) and another one of his team mates had his wife and child there. We were talking and found out that they have a Mimi as well! I was very shocked to find another person using the word Mimi to represent their grandmother.

She, too, has trouble finding stuff with Mimi on it and has to have things specially made. I have been fortunate enough to be able to make most of the special sweatshirts/t-shirts.

My sister has been called Nana ever since I can remember as well. Although, I have heard this used for grandmothers as well, the nickname stuck with her.

I, ever since meeting Evan, have been called "Lou". This is a name that he still calls me. Their kids have a very different nickname for me. It is "T". I'm not really sure how else one would spell it, but that seems simple enough. I believe they shortened up the word auntie to get it, but can't truly remember. It makes me laugh to hear them call me it, knowing that Jack only knows my name as "T" and has no idea what my real name is.

Megan has started to read and is into spelling so now I am known as "one letter: T".

What is with that name????

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